The Historical Association and the Institute of Physics have created this unique website combining history and STEM. The films, activities and resources provide new and innovative ways of exploring scientific ideas and their history in connection to the RAF. The interactive maps display for the first time the physical presence of the RAF across the UK and globally over 100 years. The project is part of the RAF's Centenary of 2018 highlighting its role as a contributor to technological advances and human ingenuity. Participating schools and youth groups will have the opportunity to contribute to the national celebrations and legacy activities. (This RAF100 project has been funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds)

The history of the RAF demonstrates how people and their needs have pushed scientific development. How can knowledge of those people and the technology they worked with push us to think about developments for the future?

The RAF competition is an opportunity for young people to bring together their understanding of history and physics and contribute to the RAF100 legacy. It is also a chance to explore current and future ideas that might shape the way the RAF and its impact on society will develop.
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