About the RAF100 Schools Project

History can be created when people develop technology and the world around them

The Historical Association and the Institute of Physics have teamed up to deliver an exciting project for school and youth groups as part of the Royal Air Force centenary celebrations.

2018 marks 100 years of the RAF – this project will help schools and young people to learn about the men and women of the RAF and how they have affected the world we live in today!

Schools are used to being targeted with STEM projects or for historical anniversaries, but they rarely get an opportunity to learn about both history and STEM together.  The RAF100 Schools Project uniquely uses the professional understanding of historians and physicists working in education to create an active learning opportunity for schools and youth organisations, exploring 100 years of the RAF and its changing role and personnel.

Topics to explore will include: The First and Second World Wars; The Cold War; The Falklands Conflict; Humanitarian relief; and medicine. All of these topics will be contain a scientific perspective and an historical examination.


For the first time every past and present RAF base has been plotted into an interactive map. This includes all RAF bases (as well as earlier Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service bases) that have existed in the UK and for global operations over the past 100 years.

You can zoom in and explore the bases of the First and Second World Wars or investigate the Cold War and the later twentieth century. The maps demonstrate just how close most people are to a slice of RAF history.

Explore the maps of RAF bases


The RAF centenary is a time to ‘Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire’ – this project does all three and provides a legacy to continue those things well beyond 100 years.

The Historical Association

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The Institute of Physics

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