RAF100 History and STEM activities for secondary schools

Explore and download activities for topics spanning the last 100 years via the links below.

1. Origins & Aircraft Design

At the start of the First World War in 1914, people had only been successfully flying aircraft for ten years. Aircraft design was still in its infancy.

2. The Battle of Britain & Radar

The Battle of Britain was one of the most important Allied victories of the Second World War. Radar played a vital role as an early warning system for incoming German bombing raids.

3. Codebreakers & Communication

For centuries, organisations and governments have wanted to send information secretly. The Second World War saw the first large-scale deployment of electronics for encryption.

4. Relief Operations & Airdrops

In 2018 the RAF expertise in airdrops has been vital for getting supplies to areas of the UK affected by terrible storms. The success of any relief operation depends on the precision and accuracy of delivery.

5. The Jet Age & Helicopters

Historical events and needs have driven aircraft design, and new aircraft technology has in turn had an impact on historical events. The development of rotor technology in particular has allowed helicopters to access regions that other aircraft cannot.

6. Aerial Reconnaissance & Stereo Images

During the 20th century, intelligence-gathering was one of the most important aspects of fighting a war. Analysis of aerial photographs played a crucial role in the Cold War.

7. The Falklands War & Navigation

Long-range missions by RAF Vulcan bombers played a vital role in the 1982 Falklands conflict. Both navigation and re-fuelling were a major challenge.

8. Medicine, War & Rescue

The last 100 years has seen major developments in battlefield medicine. Aeromedical evacuation has played a vital role in rescue and rehabilitation.