John ‘Jack’ McCudden

First World War


Second Lieutenant John ‘Jack’ McCudden was born on 14 June 1897 in Chatham, Kent. 

During the First World War, he served with No. 25 and No. 84 Squadrons of the RFC. In February 1918, McCudden survived after his plane was shot down by German airman from Jasta 12. Less than a month later, on 18 March 1918, McCudden was killed – aged 20 – when his plane was shot down near Saint-Souplet, France.

The younger brother of James McCudden, John ‘Jack’ McCudden shot down 8 enemy aircraft, making him an ace in his own right. In his lifetime, McCudden was the recipient of the MC. He was buried at Saint-Souplet British Cemetery in France.